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Award-Winning Pizzas & Calzones (2001 - Best of Rhode Island)

Ronzio Pizza is a chain of locally owned franchised pizza shops whose primary focus is to offer value to our customers while maintaining the highest standards of quality for the home delivery of pizza and pizza related products, featuring hand tossed pizzas, prepared in state of the art conveyor ovens, using 100% real cheeses and top quality toppings, prepared in clean surroundings, staffed by pleasant well-trained people.

The Pizza Industry

Pizza has widespread appeal and it is popular in all regions of the USA and in many foreign countries. It is a food without peer in its flexibility and its adaptability. Practically any taste can be satisfied with pizza from the traditional to the exotic can be accommodated with a simple variation. Pizza is an economical meal or snack and because it contains the four basic food groups, pizza is nutritious and good for you.

According to Restaurant Business (November 15, 1999), there is no sign of saturation in the $25 billion pizza segment as both the leading chains and regional upstarts grab a slice with aggressive expansion programs. Ron Paul, president of the Chicago based consulting firm Technomics sees the pizza category growing. The growth of local and regional companies is so significant that these newcomers may actually keep the big players from growing in some markets.

The rapid growth of the home delivery food business has been accelerated by changes in sociological trends in America: the dramatic increase in the number of two income households and the continued increase in convenience being sought by consumers.

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Using the finest all-natural ingredients produces a very high quality pizza.

According to restaurant industry analysts, the potentially lucrative at home market is where the greatest future potential lies. The growing popularity of VCRs, DVDs and other forms of home entertainment, coupled with the demand for convenience, spells opportunity for take-out and home delivered foods.

Despite the intensification of competition from all quarters, most pizza operators express great optimism, and not without reason. Pizza continues to be enormously popular with a key demographic group: Baby Boomers and their kids. As a result of this trend, industry analysts cannot see this category slowing down much at all in the near future. Pizza offers good value, and delivers well, two key ingredients for success, given today's economics and lifestyle trends.

The Product

All of the products sold in Ronzio Pizza Shops are prepared fresh in the shop each day. The pizza dough is made fresh in each shop several times each day and the pizzas are formed by hand. The products are prepared on the premises where the customers can see them being made and where possible the ingredients are displayed openly. The combination of the quality control advantages of on-site production in small batches and the use of the finest all-natural ingredients produces a very high quality pizza. The sauce is made from a special recipe developed after comprehensive research and the cheese is a custom blend of 100% pure cheeses. The toppings are top quality and generously apportioned.

Award Winning Pizzas & Calzones

  • 2001 - Best of Rhode Island
  • 1997 - 1st Place, Silver Lake Calzone Festival
  • 1996 - 1st Place, People's Choice: Lite 105/St. Jude's Pizza Challenge
  • 1996 - 2nd Place, Silver Lake Calzone Festival
  • 1995 - 1st Place, People's Choice: Lite 105/St. Jude's Pizza Challenge
  • 1994 - 1st Place, People's Choice: ECHO Pizza Challenge
  • 1994 - 1st Place, People's Choice: Lite 105/St. Jude's Pizza Challenge
  • 1993 - 1st Place, Excellence in Originality: 94HJY Pizza Wars
  • 1992 - Best Sauce, Judge's Choice: ECHO Pizza Challenge
  • 1992 - Best Overall, Lite 105 Pizza Contest
  • 1992 - 1st Place, People's Choice: WICE/St. Jude's Pizza Challenge

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